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Hein's Pick

Hein is the owner, founder & current fearless leader of E-piphany. He has been at the forefront of the audio industry since 1983.

Hein is a true believer in two channel stereo and believes that no sacrifice should be made in our pursuit to find the ultimate sound.

Every week Hein tests a new system handpicked from equipment on our showroom floor in Cape Town. If you are looking for true immersion, and a true escape through the power of music, look no further than Hein's pick.

On this page, you will find Hein's latest and prior reccomended systems, as well as his favourite components which are used in all his picks over the last year.

But first, MUSIC

Discover Hein's reccomended demo tracks. Perfect for your next high-end audio system:

Hein's Recommended Systems

Every week Hein curates a recommended system handpicked & tested in our Cape Town showroom. These are his latest picks:

Hein's Favourite Components

Below you will find all the components that Hein used to create his popular "System of the Week" combo's. Use the filters to get more granular and find exactly what you are looking for:

E-piphany Staff Picks

More staff picks

Our Staff Picks are a collection of our preferred products, as picked by our staff members. Each of our staff members prefer and value different things, so each staff pick will be an interesting mix and style.

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