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E-piphany Events

E-piphany is your launchpad for incredible experiences. We curate events designed to spark wonder and ignite connections, catering to a diverse range of interests. Whether you're an art aficionado, a car fanatic, or a music devotee, we have something to fuel your passion.

Upcoming Events

08 Jun
Social Event: Jeep Takeover at E-Piphany

Get ready for an afternoon of Jeep fever as we take over the E-piphany Showroom in Bellville.

Experience an electrifying gathering where the Jeeps reign supreme, refreshments are served and E-Piphany impresses us with its expertise and entertainment.

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13 Nov

Join us in the upcoming art exhibition at Val de Vie Estate! Our immersive sound installation will blur the lines between art and nature, creating an experience that truly echoes the beauty of the surroundings. Don't miss it!

24 Oct
Introducing Vivd Audio | 2023

Introducing the Giya & the Kaya. You Are INVITED to join us for an in person demo with VIVID Audio. Discover the difference that Vivid Audio’s design philosophy brings in the comfort of our showroom

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26 Aug
Porsche Club Cape |
E-piphany Run 2023

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