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Founded by Luigi Lorenzon in 1992, Synthesis Art in Music is a dynamic and constantly evolving company.

From the appearance of the earliest valve amplifiers, they have gained the reputation, on the hi-fi market, as a niche product in the broadest and most positive sense of the term. Electronically perfect and aesthetically innovative, with that something special which was lacking, and often still lacks today, to high end products; elegance and style.

The use of lacquered wood, adopted from the earliest projects, have made Synthesis amplifiers immediately recognizable worldwide and have lead to Synthesis becoming a synonym for excellent quality of sound and an absolutely 'Made in Italy' style.

To this day, many audiophiles, while having purchased other amplifiers, will not let go of their NIMIS model (15 W valve amplifier, now no longer in production).

The exceptional aesthetics, the constant technological research, and an almost maniacal attention to detail make every single Synthesis amplifier a unique piece.

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