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JBL L75ms - Integrated Music System - Wireless Speaker

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Retro reimagined
The L75ms features a cool, retro look that’s reminiscent of popular JBL speakers from the 1970s.

The JBL L75ms speaker system sports a handsome furniture-grade walnut veneer. It looks like a classic vintage hi-fi system. But inside, the L75ms is thoroughly up to date with connectivity and performance. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream music from your computer or NAS drive — up to 32-bit/192 kHz resolution. Play songs from your smartphone via Bluetooth. Or make a wired connection from your turntable, TV, or portable audio device. And enjoy it all with detailed and balanced sound.


JBL L75ms - Integrated Music System - Wireless Speaker
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Product information

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Product Specifications
Please refer to the below table for the most important specifications. You can also view the product description below the table for more details. Always feel free to contact our expert consultants by clicking here to find any additional information or to ensure that this product will work for you.

Product Description

Retro reimagined
The L75ms features a cool, retro look that's reminiscent of popular JBL speakers from the 1970s.

The JBL L75ms speaker system sports a handsome furniture-grade walnut veneer. It looks like a classic vintage hi-fi system. But inside, the L75ms is thoroughly up to date with connectivity and performance. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you stream music from your computer or NAS drive — up to 32-bit/192 kHz resolution. Play songs from your smartphone via Bluetooth. Or make a wired connection from your turntable, TV, or portable audio device. And enjoy it all with detailed and balanced sound.

High-performance speaker array
The L75ms has five high-performance built-in speakers. In the center is a 4" pure pulp cone midrange driver, flanked by a pair of 5-1/4" woofers that reproduce the low frequencies. Near the cabinet's outside corners are two 1" aluminum dome tweeters for clear, accurate highs. And with 350 watts total system power, there's plenty of volume to crank it up and fill the room.

MusicLife control app
Do even more with your L75ms when you download the free MusicLife control app on your smartphone or tablet. It gives you in-app control of popular streaming services such as TIDAL, Qobuz, and Deezer with easy switching between them. Access music stored on your computer or NAS drive and play internet radio stations. You can even select podcasts within the app.

Google Chromecast built-in
The L75ms has Google Chromecast built-in. Wirelessly join it to other Chromecast built-in speakers to create a multi-room wireless audio system. With the Google Home app on your smartphone or tablet, you can call up playlists. Access streaming services such as Spotify® Premium, TIDAL, Pandora®, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio.

Compatible with Apple AirPlay 2
Built-in Apple AirPlay 2 lets you easily stream audio using your iPhone®, iPad®, or Mac® computer. That includes soundtracks from YouTube® videos and Netflix movies.

If you subscribe to Apple Music®, you can do even more. Use Siri on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV 4K to control Apple Music with voice commands. Tell it what selection or playlist to play. And you can tell it which compatible speakers or components you want it to play through.

Wired connection options
The L75ms has a phono input for turntables with a moving magnet cartridge. There's also an HDMI ARC input, so you can use your system as a sound bar for your TV. And the 3.5mm stereo minijack aux input lets you plug in your favorite portable audio device and enjoy great sound.

Product highlights:

  • wireless tabletop speaker system
  • Chromecast built-in lets you stream content via the cloud with compatible apps
  • Apple AirPlay® 2 lets you easily stream content using an iPhone® or iPad® and ask Siri to play Apple Music®
  • Bluetooth 4.2 for streaming from compatible devices
  • built-in Wi-Fi
  • Universal Plug 'n' Play (UPnP) high-resolution network streaming
  • up to 32-bit/192 kHz resolution
  • two 5-1/4" woofers, two 1" aluminum tweeters, and one 4" midrange driver
  • dual-front firing bass ports
  • frequency response: 45-25,000 Hz (-6dB)
  • 350 watts total system power
  • selectable soundfield expander and bass contour controls

Inputs and outputs:

  • HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) input for connecting your TV
  • supports 2 channel PCM only; not compatible with Dolby® Digital or DTS
  • phono input for turntables with moving magnet cartridges
  • 3.5mm auxiliary input
  • mono subwoofer output
  • Ethernet port for a wired network connection
  • MusicLife control app:
  • free download from Apple® App Store and GooglePlay
  • includes in-app control for TIDAL, Qobuz, Deezer, Napster, and more (subscriptions required)
  • play internet radio stations and podcasts
  • stream music from your Mac®, PC, or NAS drive

Additional details:

  • black Quadrex foam grille
  • furniture-grade satin walnut wood veneer finish
  • remote
  • warranty: 5 years

Audio Section

JBL L75ms Music System: The JBL L75ms music system caters to the audio enthusiast who seeks an easier way to listen to their music collection without sacrificing acoustic performance. As a modern re-imagining of the traditional Hi-Fi system, the L75ms finds its design inspiration from JBL's own Classic Series with which it shares its walnut wood veneer cabinet finish and black Quadrex foam grille. Behind its retro appearance lies modern acoustic technology including Hi-Res audio capability and a variety of wired and wireless connectivity.

Legendary JBL Sound: Inside the JBL L75ms music system's retro-inspired speaker cabinet is a five driver array and powerful Class D amplification that work together to create a wide, even soundfield over a large listening area that delivers JBL legendary sound.

  • Five Driver Array: The JBL L75ms music system utilizes a five driver array featuring two 1" aluminum dome tweeters with waveguides, one 4" pulp cone midrange driver, and dual 5.25" pulp cone woofers for room-filling stereo sound from a compact speaker system.
  • Discrete Amplification with DSP: Each of the five drivers has a dedicated channel of amplification and DSP tuning to deliver a remarkably wide soundstage across a large listening area. The JBL L75ms music system delivers 350 watts (RMS) of power for dynamic, high-performance sound with low distortion. Each of the two tweeters receives 25 watts of power, while the one midrange receives 50 watts of power and each of the two woofers receives 125 watts of power.
  • Bass Reflex Enclosure: The retro-inspired speaker cabinet features a curved front-panel shape and a bass reflex design to produce a broad soundstage with impactful bass. The speaker cabinet is finished in walnut wood veneer and comes with a black Quadrex foam grille.
    32-Bit/192kHz Hi-Res DAC: The JBL L75ms music system employs a 32-bit/192kHz high-resolution DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that ensures your favorite music comes across with the highest fidelity. Compatible music files include MP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC, and WAV.

Soundfield Expander: The Soundfield Expander feature can be activated to create a much wider and larger soundfield, instead of a more direct stereo soundfield.

Bass Contour Switch: Set the JBL L75ms' bass contour switch based on the speaker system proximity to side boundaries such as walls and inside a bookcase or cabinet. When the speaker is close to a boundary the switch should be in the -3dB position in order to maintain level bass response. When the system is positioned away from boundaries and in free space, the switch should be in the 0dB position.

Mounting Options: The JBL L75ms music system can be positioned on a tabletop or other flat surface such as as desk, countertop, nightstand, shelf, or piece of AV furniture.

Network & Bluetooth Audio
Wired or Wireless Network Connection: The JBL L75ms music system offers a wired or wireless connection to your network router and ISP (internet service provider) for access to AirPlay 2, Chromecast Built-In, MusicLife App, and UPnP. A wired network connection can be made using the system's Ethernet (RJ45) LAN jack, while the speaker's built-in 2.4/5GHz dual-band WiFi (802.11ac) provides a wireless network connection.

Apple AirPlay 2: Apple AirPlay 2 is an advanced and easy-to-use wireless multiroom audio platform for iTunes, Apple Music, and other compatible Apple iOS apps. With AirPlay 2 you can play any sound from your Apple iOS device (running iOS 11.4 or later) or Mac computer (running OS X 10.13.2) on the JBL L75ms music system and other compatible AirPlay 2 speakers throughout your home. You can choose to play audio in one room, play the same audio in grouped rooms, or play the same audio in every room. If you are an Apple Music subscriber, you can even play different music in different rooms (you can control and group directly from Apple's Music App and Home app on your Apple iOS device). You will also be able to ask Siri-enabled devices (like your Apple iPhone, iPad, or Watch) to control playback of your Apple Music on the JBL L75ms. You can even watch videos and movies from YouTube and Netflix on your compatible Apple iOS device or Mac computer with perfectly synced audio on the JBL music system.

Chromecast built-in: Use the Google Home App (for Apple iOS 13.0+ and Android OS 6.0+) to enable Chromecast built-in. Chromecast built-in gives you access to hundreds of online music streaming services, internet radio, and podcasts. Chromecast built-in streams audio directly from the cloud, so you get the 24-bit/96kHz sound quality and the ability to enjoy crystal clear sound exactly the way the artist intended. Simply tap the Cast button from a Chromecast built-in compatible music app on your Apple iOS or Android OS device to start streaming to the JBL L75ms music system. You can search, browse, play, skip, and turn up the volume directly from the music apps you know and love on your compatible smartphone or tablet. Chromecast built-in supports FLAC, WAV, AAC, and MP3 music files. While you cast your music, you can still use your smartphone to answer a call, play a game, send a text, and even leave the room - all without interrupting what's playing on the L75ms music system.

  • Music, Radio, & Podcasts: Chromecast built-in lets you play music from popular music services and search by artist, song, genre, album playlist, mood, or activity. You can also listen to your favorite internet radio stations and podcasts. Compatible music and internet radio apps include Tidal, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeart Radio, YouTube Music, and more (subscriptions and fees will apply). You'll also be able to stream your favorite music, playlists, podcasts, and more that are stored on your Android (OS 4.4.2+) device to the L75ms system. You cannot stream stored content on an Apple iOS device using Chromecast built-in. If you're on your laptop or computer, you can also cast any music streaming website through the Chrome web browser to the speaker.
  • Multiroom Audio: Add more Chromecast built-in speakers throughout your home (sold separately - see Accessories Tab) to create a whole house audio experience. You can play the same Chromecast built-in compatible music app (like Tidal, Spotify, or Pandora) on all speakers or groups of speakers in different rooms of your home. You'll be able control the multiroom audio system from the Google Home app on your Apple iOS or Android device, or using the Google Assistant and your voice on a compatible Google Home device.
  • Voice Control (Optional): Purchase a Google Home wireless speaker (sold separately - see Accessories Tab) and gain voice control of compatible Chromecast Built-in music apps. You'll be able to access a specific music app and then select a specific station or song using only your voice. You'll also have voice control over Play, Pause, Skip, & Volume. The JBL L75ms and your Google Home speaker must be connected to the same wireless (WiFi) network.

MusicLife App: The MusicLife App (for Apple iOS 11.0+ and Android OS 5.0+) gives you access to Internet Radio, Podcasts, and select online music services. It also allows you to access music content stored on your laptop, desktop computer, or NAS drive.

  • Online Music Services: Using the MusicLife app your compatible smartphone or tablet device, you can playback Internet Radio, Podcasts, and select online music services through the JBL L75ms music system. Supported online music services include Tidal, Qobuz, Deezer, Napster, and HighResAudio.
  • UPnP (Universal Plug-n-Play): With a network connection, you'll be able to effortlessly stream music stored on your Windows PC, Mac computer, NAS drive, or other UPnP compliant device directly to the JBL JL75ms system using the MusicLife App on your compatible mobile device. For playback from a network device, the network device needs to be running a universal plug and play (UPnP) service, such as Windows Media Player 11. Other free and paid-for UPnP services are available for other computer operating systems. Some network attached storage (NAS) systems include a built-in version of a UPnP service. Supported music files include MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV, and FLAC ( up to 24-bit/192kHz).

Bluetooth Audio Streaming: The JBL L75ms music system offers built-in Bluetooth 4.2 with support for wireless audio streaming (A2DP) and control (AVRCP). You can wirelessly stream stored music, music apps, and other audio content on your Bluetooth source device (such as your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer) to the JBL L75ms. You can also control basic playback function (such as Play/Pause and Previous/Next Track) from the remote control. Advanced music control and song/artist/album information will still have to be done from your Bluetooth source device. Multiple devices can be paired with the speaker, but only one device can be used to stream music at a time. Once paired, the unit will automatically re-connect with paired devices when in wireless range (up to 33').

Wired Connectivity
HDMI ARC: The JBL L75ms provides an HDMI ARC jack so you can connect the music system to the HDMI ARC jack of your TV, allowing you to listen to your favorite TV shows, movies, sports, and games through the L75ms music system. The L75ms' HDMI ARC jack supports 2ch PCM audio only (not compatible with Dolby Digital or DTS).

Aux Input: The JBL L75ms music system is outfitted with a 3.5mm Aux input that allows connection of an external audio device with a line-level output or headphone out jack.

Phono Input (MM): The JBL L75ms features a MM Phono input for connection of a turntable that features a MM (moving magnet) cartridge, so you can listen to your vinyl record music collection.

Sub Out: The JBL L75ms music system is equipped with a mono-RCA subwoofer output for connection of a powered subwoofer (sold separately). The mono-RCA subwoofer output is full-range, so your powered subwoofer will need its own built-in low-pass crossover filter.

AC Power: The JBL L75ms comes with a detachable 5' AC power cord (C7, 2-prong) which needs to be plugged into the back of the speaker system and into an AC wall outlet or surge protector (sold separately - see Accessories Tab).

Simple Control
Top-Panel Controls: Top-panel controls include Power On/Off and Volume Up/Down.

RF Remote Control: The included RF remote provides wireless operation of the JBL L75ms music system. The remote operates via RF (not IR), so it does not have to be pointed directly at the speaker system. However, the remote does have to be initially paired with the L75ms speaker system prior to use. Remote control functions include Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause, Previous/Next Track, and Source Selection.

What's in the box:

  • JBL L75ms owner's manual
  • Wireless powered speaker
  • Grille
  • 5' AC power cord
  • Remote control
  • 2 "AAA" batteries
  • Quick Start Guide





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