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Ortofon LW-6N Headshell Lead Wires

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LW-6N is the 6N lead wire made of Ultra High Purity Copper wire.

The configuration is very sophisticated with different diameters of wire strand, the inside strand is right windings, the outside strand is left winding. The end of the wire is fastened by a gold plated terminal.

The tight winding against each other makes the clear transmission of music signals. Clear and crisp tonality.


Ortofon LW-6N Headshell Lead Wires
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Product Description


All Ortofon cartridges have a color coding of the terminals, indicating red and green for the right channel respectively hot and the ground terminal. White and blue for left channel respectively hot and ground terminal. The green terminal will always be used for grounding the cartridge housings or motor-system, whenever connected inside the cartridge.

We recommend connecting lead wires to the cartridge and headshell before mounting the cartridge on the headshell. Please remember the correct orientation of the leads. Ortofon SH-4 headshell and Ortofon cartridges' terminal PINs diameter is 1.2 mm, whilst Ortofon headshells' PINs diameter is normally only 1.0 mm.

Using LW 6N with the SH-4 headshell requires the LW 6N shell side clamp to be widened a little bit to fit on the SH-4 PINs. If shifted around, it may cause over-tightening of the assembly. Being aware of this detail, you will avoid the risk of having the cartridge's terminal PINs fall out.


  • High purity Cu wire 6NCu: 7 x φ 0.18mm (Right strands)
  • High purity Cu wire 6NCu: 17 x φ 0.10mm (Left strands)





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