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CLASSE Delta Mono Power Amplifier

Regular price R 296,990.00

Delta MONO embodies exquisite, controlled, unending power.

A perfectly detailed enclosure cradles a highly innovative blend of technologies and hand-selected components which deliver effortless, refined sound.


CLASSE Delta Mono Power Amplifier
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Product Specifications
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Product Description


Delta MONO is crafted for exceptional performance and durability – every detail superbly refined. The first 35W of power are pure Class A, and with over 300W per unit total (1,000W @ 2Ω) at its command, Delta MONO will confidently control any loudspeaker.

  • Up to 35W delivered in pure Class A operation
  • 300W per unit total
  • Massive, high-quality power supply
  • Custom toroidal transformer


Delta MONO delivers the utmost clarity in everything you hear. Every detail communicates natural, authoritative sound. An expansive dynamic range with infinitesimal noise delivers unsurpassed fidelity to the musical source. Start listening.

  • Hand-laid circuit boards
  • 6-layer circuit boards provide for shortened signal and power pathways with lowest noise
  • Fully balanced output stage and balanced circuitry
  • 22 4-pole Mundorf® capacitors
  • Custom-made Navcom® feet to absorb vibrations
  • Furutech® rhodium-plated RCA and torque-guard speaker connectors


Delta MONO continues Classé’s reputation for monumental design. The amplifier creates an immediate presence in any room or installation through its unique form and superb materials. The illuminated VU meter beautifully communicates output with elegance and detail. This is an amplifier that looks as iconic as it sounds.

  • Harmony between minimal design and unrivalled performance
  • Luxurious anodized aluminum body
  • Custom, illuminated VU meters
  • Perfectly complements other components in the Delta family


Thanks to the unique ICTunnel™ cooling technology, Delta MONO is stackable and rackable in a way no conventionally-cooled amplifier can match. Internal temperature is continuously monitored and controlled, ensuring performance in any configuration. Combined with Delta MONO’s construction, ICTunnel supports a lifetime of unrivalled amplification performance.

  • Proprietary ICTunnel™ temperature regulation technology
  • Power-on to optimal temperature in minutes
  • Active sensing and regulation of optimal amplifier temperature
  • Low-noise operation suitable for studio applications



Width - 17.50 in (444 mm)

Depth - 19.37 in (492 mm)

Height - 8.74 in (222 mm)


Gross Weight - 111.6 lbs (50.6 kg)

Net Weight - 97.7 lbs (44.3 kg)


Frequency Response (-3dB, 50Ω source impedance) - 1Hz – 650kHz

Continuous Output Power (at 1kHz, 0.1% THD+N) -

  • C300W / 8Ω
  • 600W / 4Ω
  • 1000W / 2Ω (with AC line held constant)

Harmonic Distortion (measurement bandwidth: 500kHz, 25Vrms in 4Ω or 8 Ω)

  • <0.0016% at 1kHz
  • <0.0018% at 10kHz
  • <0.0028% at 20kHz

Harmonic Distortion (measurement bandwidth: 90kHz, 25Vrms in 4Ω or 8 Ω)

  • <0.0005% at 1kHz
  • <0.0006% at 10kHz
  • <0.0015% at 20kHz

Peak Output Voltage (nominal AC line) -

  • 148Vp-p into 8Ω
  • 156Vp-p no load

Input Impedance (at 1kHz, BAL / SE) - 82kΩ

Voltage Gain (at 1kHz, BAL / SE) - 29dB

Intermodulation Distortion (SMPTE 4:1) (8Ω or 4Ω, BAL / SE) - <0.001%

Intermodulation Distortion (CCIF) (8Ω or 4Ω, BAL / SE) - <0.002%

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (A wtd in parenthesis) (22kHz BW) - 117dB (119.5dBA)

Slew Rate - 72V / μs

Output Impedance

  • 01Ω (100Hz), 0.011Ω (1kHz),
  • 015Ω (10kHz)

Damping Factor (at 1kHz, ref 8Ω) - 700





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