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QED Performance Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable

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Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI

The new Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI is our most advanced long cable yet.

Designed to transfer a maximum compressed video resolution of up to 48Gb/s 10K@120Hz and uncompressed 8K@60Hz over long cable runs of 7.5 to 20 metres in length. The perfect solution for modern-day AV installations, this high-performance HDMI 2.1-certified cable can handle all current HDMI standards.

Engineering pedigree
QED has been designing and engineering superior analogue and digital cables for more than 45 years, and its new Performance Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI cable is informed by the results of the company’s exhaustive research into cable design since 1995.

Supports 8K and the latest HDMI standards
The perfect solution for modern day AV installations, this high-performance HDMI 2.1-certified cable can handle all current HDMI standards, including uncompressed 48Gb/s 8K@60Hz video resolution, Dolby Atmos audio and HDR (High Dynamic Range)* picture technology.

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QED Performance Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI Cable
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Product Specifications
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Product Description


Innovative hybrid design

The company’s innovative Ultra High Speed Active Optical Technology™ hybrid design combines copper core with optical fibre that resists data degradation over extremely long lengths – all without the need for an external power supply.

Pure copper conductor cables three metres in length or more will cause the 48 Gb/s HDMI signal to breakdown where it would no longer be reliably decoded at the other end. By replacing four of the nineteen copper cores with optical fibre, data transmissions will be unaffected by losses (due to impedance mismatch) or timing variances (due to crosstalk) over longer cable runs.

QED HDMI guarantee

All QED HDMI cables undergo stringent mandatory testing at an HDMI Forum Authorized Testing Centre to not only to ensure compatibility with the new 2.1 video standards but also to ensure low levels of electromagnetic radiation, to reduce the possibility of interference with wireless networks, streaming media players, Bluetooth devices and mobile phones.

The QED Ultra High Speed Active Optical Technology™ ensures this cable is fully certified, performing at the 48 Gb/s data rate with all the necessary attendant data and control signals demanded by HDMI 2.1 in lengths up to 20 metres - no matter what brand or combination of 2.1-compatible equipment being used.

Compliant with HDCP 2.2 and with full CEC, DDC, HDR, HEC and eARC compatibility, this cable has received the official stamp of approval from the HDMI Forum accredited laboratory in the form of the instantly recognisable Ultra High Speed Certification Program logo on the packaging. Just scan the QR code on the label using the official HDMI app to be reassured that the cable is a genuine QED Ultra Speed Active Optical HDMI cable.

Reaction to Fire certification

Professional installers or AV enthusiasts wishing to conceal the cable within the structure of a building can rest assured the cable’s the Low Smoke Zero Halogen jacket and internal components are all certified and fully compliant with the latest EN 50575:2014 regulations. This covers cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements which are now in force throughout the UK and EU.

*High Dynamic Range

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a TV picture technology that offers greater contrast ratio and more brightness steps for a smoother picture with more detail in both bright and shadowy areas. A related technology usually associated with HDR is Wide Colour Gamut (WCG), which offers an expanded colour palette. Both technologies are supported by the new QED Performance Optical Ultra High Speed HDMI cable.

What this cable is used for
Connect your: > To your:
Blu-ray Player > 3D TV
DVD Player > 4K TV
Digital set-top box > HDTV
Games console > LCD TV
Home cinema amplifier > Receiver
AV Amplifier > AV Amplifier
Computer > Projector
Laptop > 3D/4K Projector
Home theatre systems





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