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Adolf's Pick

My name is Adolf, and this is my collection of recommended gear for your home. Welcome! 

As a young man, I'm a bit more budget conscious than our average customer (Don't worry, I'll get there 😉). However, I obviously appreciate great sound and absolutely love smart technology; and I know that with the right product choice it is possible to have both.

Essentially, if you are looking for the absolute best components that'll deliver world-class audio, my collection might not be the one for you. But, if you are looking for premium electronics and exceptional value, stick around! This collection is perfect for younger people who are looking to purchase their first smart home and audio systems.

But first, MUSIC

Discover Adolf's Pick of demo tracks & all time repeat songs. Perfect for your next high-end audio system:

About this Staff Pick

Here's the deal: I don't like being tied into any manufacturer's eco-system, and thus prefer tech that play nicely with others. I use a Samsung phone, a HP computer, a Lenovo Tablet, I have Alexa's scattered around my home, and all of my smart devices are controlled through Google Home. Why? Because it works. And it gives me the freedom to upgrade any piece of tech I own at any time - to me it is a great luxury to be able to upgrade to the very best product available at any time, not having to worry whether it will work with what I allready own or not. 

For my setup, it comes down to this: I love my music, I love my movies, I like to game with old friends from around the country, and my wife and I often host get togethers at home. The tech I choose to purchase must therefore cater to all these needs, while being as flexible and cross-platform compatiable as possible. 

In this collection you will find versatility, flexibility, abundant features & more than anything else - excellent value for money. The products on this page are hand-picked by me for those who want the best they can get at a certain price point and want it to work with all their existing equipment. So, without further delay, Here are the products I reccomend for every person like me: 

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